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The Document Warehouse covers all aspects of your document management needs - from the creation of files and systems, filing onsite, indexing, scanning, storage of archive box on or off-site, retrieval of documents including Scan & e-mailing retrieval and finally the secure destruction of your documents.


Our aim is to make your files and documents EASILY ACCESSIBLE 

that's the whole point of filing


Things we do in our stride


Document Storage


Scanning documents -  into any format


Document Management  -  indexing your files and pack into archive boxes for ease of future retrieval from storage


Records Management  -  Scanning, file tracking software; The Paperless Office


Secure Document destruction / shredding


Office Moving - Furniture relocation and packing




The trend today is to  outsource off-site archive storage which has been one of the biggest fundamental

changes in the  business process in the last decade.


The Document Warehouse understands this and provides our customers with off-site document Storage solutions, various Space-saving filing solutions, Records management file tracking software, Scanning software for onsite or offsite use.


Our Company also offers our staff to assist  your organization to pack,  index all your documents and files into marked and bar-coded archive boxes, providing you with data retrieval lists making retrieval quick and very easy.


Scanning and mailroom services are also available.


The Document Warehouse offers training and consulting services to organisations.    

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