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On-site Office Filing


       and Storage Boxes



The Document Warehouse has created a second unique filing system, well known as the Doc-u-Box filing system. It was created to give clients an inexpensive, easy to install and easy to use filing system that saves time, space and money. 







Architectural Plan Filing

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If your business does not have the space to fit a filing cabinet or uses files that are larger than what conventional filing

methods can cater for, the Doc-u-Box is perfect for you. 

The doc-u-Box can hold documents from as small as A5 right up to B1 in size, creating a versatile and effective way

to store all your office documents.


The Doc-u-Box is available in three sizes, to accommodate various document sizes. They can be colour coded to suit your office.


Made of recycled materials, the Doc-u-box reduces your office clutter and most importantly your carbon footprint.

The doc-u-Box can hold  most file sizes, including Our doc-u-Files and tube clip file Backing boards.



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The Office Before changing over


doc-u-Boxes after


On a Service counter.


A closer look at the system

find out more>> doc-u-Box -THE FACTS







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Architectural Plan Filing Boxes


Plans are often stored in a mess ..... It can take hours to find a misfiled plan.

Architects, Engineers, Surveyors love our Plan STORAGE BOXES as they are easy to to use for filing and storage.



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Plans difficult to find when not filed.


The A2-A3 & the B1-B2

plan storage boxes 



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Systematically filed and quick to retrieve




 The doc-u-boxes (Plan filing Box) are being found more often on building sites and Architecturl office as its quick and easy to find or refile a plan.


The doc-u-Boxe's can be stacked in their sturdy frames on top of each other safely up to 16 boxes high, giving you the maximum space utilization using the minimum floor area.


Storage of Plans is easy to use, Open the front flap to retrieve your plan.


Each box holds a lot more plans than any tube storage system.


Quick and easy to find when required and do not roll around like tube filing.

Used for A4, A3 & A2, B1 & B2 paper sizes.




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The FACTS:      doc-u-Box filing system

  • DocuBox requires 30-40% less space than lever arch files.
  • DocuBox does not require shelving or cabinets.
  • Is an add-on system and grows with your company.
  • DocuBox converts unused space into cost-saving storage areas.
  • DocuBox enables re-use of expensive lever arch files.
  • DocuBox can be stackable to 20 boxes high and more by using our reinforced divider boards
  • DocuBox can withstand 8 kgs of pressure per box.
  • DocuBox is delivered flat, taking up minimal space prior to assembly.
User Friendly:
  • DocuBox is easy to assemble.
  • DocuBox is colour coded for instant identification and access.
  • DocuBox is available in various co-ordinated colours.
  • DocuBox , used with the unique DOCUBOX clip and backing board, ensures preservation of document sequences.
  • DocuBox Blue Clip enables photocopying without removal of document from clip.
  • DocuBox PH balance of box is ideal for long-term storage of paper.
Save space: no matter what space you have available, from a corner in a storeroom to an entire floor, the DocuBox is the space-saving alternative to building banks of shelves, rails or filing cabinets. It is perfect for businesses of all sizes and can be from 50 - to 1000000 boxes and more.
Save money: with this system you save money . Each box is considerably less expensive than ring-binder lever arch files and leaves these files free to be re-used rather than filed away in storerooms. The DocuBox system needs nothing more than a wall. Alternatively should you already have shelves the system can be fitted on these too.
Quick easy access; when a document is needed all you do is open the flap on the appropriate box and slide the contents out. The unique design of the clip allows you to easily page through the file until you have found the document you require. The special clip allows a document to be photocopied flat; there is no need to remove the document from the clip.


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