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Creation of Documents

     and Active Office filing



Space Saving Filing Cabinets

Stationery File & Folders

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Space Saving Filing cabinets

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       All these files in the above cabinets .......................... fit into ONE CABINET



Our one filing cabinet uses the same space as two standard cabinets but holds an extra row of files.

As shown below.




 ·   All files are forward facing, the name tags are easy to read

 .   Alphabetical or Numerical, 3 rows of files per drawer,  

 ·   Easy retrieval and placement


Use your existing files ...... just pop them into the cabinet, and you are up and running.

Our Range of filing cabinets


. All our cabinets can be designed to match your office colour scheme.



. Made in either Timber or Steel.


Ease of use: Our 2-drawer filing cabinet can be placed next to your desk,

it extends your working surface to place a fax machine or second computer.


It holds 3 linear meters of office files.


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Our Timber range of Filing Cabinets:
All our Space saving timber cabinets can be designed and made to match your office colour scheme.

Double click on any of the photos below to enlarge to see more detail.


Three Drawer together

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The above small dispatch office, holds a huge quantity of files.

Conventional filing would require two rooms to house the same amount of files.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       GoToWhatwedo2.png - large



Stationery - Files and Folders

  • Invest in our wide range of stationery that will help sort and file your documents
  • All our stationery solutions are user friendly and functional



The Document Warehouse has specially designed a simple filing folder to suit your everydays needs.


We call it the "doc-u-File" - These files expand and grow with you.


The "doc-u-File" is a lightweight, reinforced folder that folds conveniently into place with protective side flaps. These side flaps ensures your documents stay secure very tidy and protected.





Our "doc-u-Card" with tube clip, holds more than a ream of paper and fits into the filing cabinets.

It's wonderful for bulk paper filing and archiving.




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Click here to enquire about The Document Warehouse helping you with your Filing



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